Shamanic Mentoring Course – 1st Level

Several people have been asking me to run a shamanic course, so I’m finally proposing a plan that I find suitable as a 1st Level course. Over 9 sessions this course will not only give you an introduction to shamanism, but will also enable you to be able to start healing and connecting with the Universe to receive its wisdom. Note that this requires daily practice, and before you start healing others you should keep yourself healed. 

If you subscribe to this course, you’re also committing yourself to always act in the kindest, most honest, altruistic and humane way possible. You’ll commit to only practice for the good of yourself and others. 

In shamanism, there is no place for being judgemental, and you’ll realise with time that the more you know and achieve, the more humble you’ll become, that this is not a gift that you possess, as you’re just a tool of the Universe. Being a shaman is being at the service of the Universe for the good of all sentient beings, connecting the underworld and the upper-world as living beings that we are, made of energy, on the same frequency as the Earth we live in.

If you’re here for the first time and want to know more about me, here is a good start:
The Blue Wolf’s Path

This Shamanic course will be divided into 9 sessions, over 9 weeks, being 3 sessions per month.  After every 3 weeks, there will be a week off so you can practice, and I’ll be available by email in case you need guidance.


Topics per session: 

1 – Shamanism
2 – Sanctuary and Guides
3 – Spirit Animals
4 – Medicine Bag
5 – Consciousness 
6 – Detachment and trance 
7 – Healing
8 – Underworld and Upper world
9 – Soul Retrieval

1 – Shamanism – from Self to Community through nature, attitude and purpose.

Shamanism is the oldest philosophy on earth, and yet, the wisest and the most refreshing one. One of the reasons is because it never became institutionalised like a common religion; the other reason is that it doesn’t have gods, but spiritual guides: nature itself. As living sentient beings we live between worlds. We are transitioning, with guides from previous lives we had, preparing ourselves for the next ones. Some living beings were here before we were born and will stay longer after we die. Trees for example. But mainly the elements that we’re made of: water, air, fire and earth. And light. Even before humanity there was the underworld and the upper-world. And between worlds we are just bodies of energy. 

In this life we have though, we’re not only bodies of energy: on the same frequency of the Earth, we also become bodies of matter. Bodies that are transient, impermanent. Bodies that are frail and can become ill. Bodies that need healing, as much as our own consciousness. 

Finally we have our minds, the connection between our physical brains and consciousness, that are here to help and serve us. This is why it’s so urgent to clear these connections that the world has been neglecting and challenging. This is the neglect that often causes more than physical illness, since it disconnects us from our own consciousness, creating also illness of the mind. And consciousness, is essential for us to live, to listen to, as it is consciousness – our higher self – that connects and brings the wisdom of the Universe onto us. That brings information from our past lives, and that will carry information to our next. 

In this life of ours, we should do everything in our power to remain healed and build a kinder life, so we can have a wiser one on the next stage. To connect with nature and its spirits. And as we heal ourselves, we should also do whatever is possible to bring kindness and healing to all other sentient beings: fellow humans, animals and plants. 

This shamanic mentoring course comes to help you to heal yourself and others on both body, mind and consciousness itself. Connecting your higher self with the Earth and with the Universe.  To find our own balance in this transient life of ours. To be of service to others. 

To find our purpose and meaning of life. All this and much more, as you silence your mind and allow yourself to go into a trance state to connect with the deep wisdom of the Universe. 

One thing important to mention, is that this course, or any other you might do, doesn’t turn you into a shaman, but is the first step to becoming a shamanic practitioner. To be a shaman, you first go through a lengthy shamanic apprenticeship of many years, only then your master shaman will let you know when you’re ready. Usually a shaman is focused only in one discipline: healer, spirit or any other matter. A master shaman is the one who wisely deals with all the matters. To become a shamanic practitioner you need to show ability to go into trance or altered consciousness so you can access the spirit world, either to become a healer, or to contact the spirits. 

In shamanism we don’t pray or ask: we are the Universe, and we instruct, as tools of the Universe, connected through our own consciousness to the cosmic consciousness. Here we’ll also learn how to give an instruction to the Universe.

NB – a 2nd level course will deal with deeper practices, including the rites of passage from this life to another, how to help someone to die, calling the spirits into our presence, how to become a living totem, etc

2 – Sanctuary and Guides – A sanctuary is where you find silence and peace of mind, where you can connect and go into a trance. This can be a physical place, a temple, a forest… or in your own mind. All this with or without connecting to our guides. Ancestors and spirit masters are there to help you. Spirit masters chose you though. Ancestors are related to you, and when you call them to guide you, be aware that sometimes the one you seek is not available. An ancestor doesn’t mean that is your grand parent or family, it can be someone with whom you were connected with. This you can achieve in a trance state.  

3 – Spirit Animals – yours and how/when to call them. In shamanism we connect with the spirits of animals, and a master shaman can easily shift into one of his spiritual guide animals. Most of the times connecting to the four winds, in the four directions. Take for example the bird: the bird is the shamanic messenger, and all of us have one. A bird that can change through life, as through life we find different challenges. Some come to guide you, others to empower you, depending on what you need in this moment of your path. When you establish connection with your personal bird, you’re able to work with it. 

4 – Medicine Bag – Material or immaterial bag. 

When you have the power of visualisation, a medicine bag doesn’t need to be a material one. But since always, shamans have their own physical medicine bag that can be filled with natural or intentional pieces. From a special feather that came to you, a special pebble or crystal that called for you, to a piece of paper where you wrote an intention. These items can be held temporarily, as they should be discarded when they no longer serve their purpose. And the intention is the one you put on them. Usually a physical medicine bag is handcrafted with a special natural fabric or animal leather. 

5 – Consciousness – how to work detached on yours and others energy, visualising the traumas and energetic wounds in someone. Protection and Expansion. One of the main questions I am asked is how can you protect yourself from external energies and spirits. It can be through material things, like wearing a Melong (Tibetan mirror), some special amulet, etc, but can also be done through expanding one’s consciousness, which is always there with you. For this you need to have emotional distance, to avoid emotions that are blocking your way. When you’re in trance, it’s easy to visualise your own and others’ energetic shield, the outer visible consciousness where you’ll find yours or anyone else’s traumas and wounds. This can be done by simply expanding your consciousness.

6 – Detachment and trance – journeying into trance state. After reaching emotional distance and silencing your mind, you can use different methods to go into an altered state of consciousness, aka trance. From the amazon’s hallucinogenic medicinal plants, to psilocybin, or even drum beating. Another way is through dance spinning, like whirlpool Sufi dance, or rocking back and forward. Finding one’s own rhythm and connection is essential.  This is essential for several rituals, including some healings and connection with the spirits.

7 – Healing – In order to be able to heal others, we first need to remain healed ourselves. This requires daily work, from checking our own chakras, any past energetic wound, to heal any physical or emotional wound. If we do not heal ourselves first, we might project our wounds onto others. This session gives you an insight on how you can keep yourself healed so you can also heal others. 

8 – Underworld and Upper world – mostly through visions and dreams, we often go to the sometimes mysterious under and upper world. How to find the meanings, and how to reach them, connecting with the spirits of nature and universe through altered states of consciousness. For these journeys you should first protect yourself, as we’ll be dealing with spirits.
Here we will also be visiting the underworld and we’ll be able to meet spirits of the death, and while visiting the upper world, we’ll be able to connect with the wisdom of the universe and its guides.

9 – Soul Retrieval.

All of us, at some time in our present life or even past life, had some traumatic events, even if we are not conscious of them because our conscious mind decided to filter them. 

This can bring physical illness or even feeling of detachment from one’s self, unbalance, etc. It can be the death of someone, divorce, loss, accident, etc. In these circumstances we often have our soul detached from ourselves, or part of it. A soul retrieval brings you back to yourself, often coming up as your younger self showing when and what happened, so you can embrace that part that you left behind. 


For each block of 3 sessions a 270 € donation is required, paid at least 1 week in advance before starting. If you prefer to pay for the 9 sessions in advance, the donation is 750€.
And a tree: you should commit yourself to planting a tree.

At the end of the 9 sessions, which include theory and practices, you’ll receive a Shamanic Mentoring Course Certificate. All sessions are on a 1-1 basis with Blue Wolf Shaman.

The sessions will be online through Skype, and each session can take around 1h30m.

To sign up, or if you need any more information, please send me an email.


(your Alpha Blue Wolf)

Follow me on instagram now, where I’m more active: @BlueWolfShaman

I am here ready for you, the question is: are you ready for this awakening change? To open up your core energetic source and expand it? And are you ready if an ancestor comes to guide you? 

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  1. I was so pleased to see that you are doing a course Gonzalo. Even though I did one years back now, I would still welcome the opportunity to learn from and work with you. It is something for me to think about for when we have moved house. Blessings.

  2. Good morning Gonzalo as you know I loved and learnt so much from the course I took with June on Shamanic practice. However one thing I have learnt is that we never stop learning and I look forward to being able to work on this wonderful course with you. Kindest Regards Anita

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