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On Consciousness – the book

The book "On Consciousness - journeys, rituals and meditations" might bring you a disquiet shift, approaching the old Tibetan tradition of Bon Shamanism and Shamanism in several other cultures. How you can heal yourself and others through energy, vibration and sound, and how you can connect not only to a higher consciousness, but to collective and cosmic consciousness. A must read book if you want a serious shift of consciousness yourself. 

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Earth without Moon? Forget life.

The Moon has always fascinated cultures since life exists on Earth. This satellite that inspired myths and mythologies from ancient cultures to now. But if there was no Moon? And if the Moon one day just disappears? Most people might not be that aware of the Moon’s importance in life on Earth. In fact, too many people might underestimate its relevance in our own life.

Friday 13th Full Moon

Sometimes the universe can be tricky. We’ll have now a full moon in Piscis (Friday, 13th!) which, since a couple weeks ago, has been putting some people more sensitive to the moon in an unusual emotional stress. As they feel somehow stuck in their lives, they get emotional lost. Blame the moon in Piscis, or blame Piscis. The good news, is that it will pass very soon…

A Meditation on Healing and Expanding

Here you have the forth Guided Meditation that I've just recorded. This guided meditation bring you (us) to the sea, connecting us to the water element, whilst working on your inner fire, keeping yourself healed and working on expanding the healing energy, into a bubble of energy that will allow yourself to be protected...

Release the weight of your past… and fly

Here is the third guided meditation, this time taking you with me to the mountains in the East, connecting with the condor to help you release the weight of your past... so you can fly. Here you can practice breathwork, the power of visualisation and releasing, becoming more connected with your inner consciousness to help you heal yourself.

Silence in the Desert

or the power of visualisation to grow silence within us... These general guided meditations are better if you're wearing headphones. Here we're working on few different things that should be connected: - our inner silence that will avoid emotions and thoughts to float around; - the power of visualisation, so we can bring any of the nature's elements to us; - breath-work to bring us into a light trance.

Guided Meditation into the Forest

As most of my clients chose the 3 sessions pack, which goes through 3 weeks, they have asked if I could record a guided meditation for them to listen to between sessions. Between sessions I work on their energy in my daily rituals, but it is indeed better if you can have a recorded guided meditation, that allows you connect easier with my voice.

What do you expect?

What do you expect from a Shaman? Shamanism can be found in most cultures, from east to west, north to south since thousands of years ago. Most probably shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality, people with open channels to the universe, connected to our own higher consciousness so much that we could end up... Continue Reading →

It’s complicated and yet so simple

It’s a complicated week... Since the full moon, we’re going through a complicated relationship with ourselves that can simply go out of our hands if we do not embrace ourselves. Mercury in retrograde in fact is making things better not allowing too much action… otherwise, it would have been an explosive week. Venus is opposite... Continue Reading →

Sun Eclipse: Create your memories Now

“Shake up your lazy ass”, it’s what this new moon in Cancer is telling us by giving us a solar eclipse. Centre and balance your emotional being into your close collective consciousness: you, family and friends. It’s time of change, to align yourself, to focus on your path. Whilst the new moon tells you to leave the past behind and learn from it, the eclipse comes to give you focus on the future ahead of you...

Is Sirius the birthplace of consciousness?

Is Sirius the birthplace of consciousness? What is consciousness? I always break consciousness in 3 major categories: Higher Consciousness;Collective consciousness;Cosmic consciousness. In the womb we develop the brain (physical hard drive), and when we’re born, we get a higher consciousness attached that comes with loads of information and memories, turning it in our own higher... Continue Reading →

Sirius is coming!

Welcome Sirius, the alpha star, the alpha wolf, the main star of the Canis Major constellation, the heaven’s wolf. From Canis comes canicule, the hot days. It is also said that Sirius if the Sun’s Sun. Sirius comes to tell us: "hey buddy, calm down, it’s time for you to learn from your past so you can move on." This asks you to be kind with yourself, to take care, so you can face your fears, facing yourself and your own challenges, to be able to learn, so you can move on...

The Shaman’s Messenger

The bird is the Shamanic messenger that brings you the right answers at the right time. Each one of us has a special one to which we can ask for an answer...

A Rebirth in Gemini

A new Moon is always about rebirth, and each one can wake up different chakras. This new moon in Gemini will make you clear your throat. The throat chakra is all about Truth, Communication, and Self-expression. This new moon in Gemini will ask you to take action, to connect with your deeper self, your higher consciousness, bringing your most honest you so you can express yourself. It gives you opportunity to raise your truth, to express it better in a healthier relation with yourself and others.

Earth and Mind’s Frequency

By being aligned with nature, you become one on the same frequency, your body will feel healthier, your mind will be cleared, your consciousness will get balanced and connected. As we’re part of nature, we can only find balance when we’re well aligned with it.

The last days in power…

Did you really thought you could rest after these tumultuous weeks with Scorpio+Pluto actively bringing some darkness to challenge you, with the strength of Taurus? You must be cheating yourself then. Scorpio never surrenders that easily. In fact, after the full moon, these are the last days of Scorpio Moon in power, and you know how it all ends. Scorpio is known to kill himself before being killed by others. It is also known that Scorpio has it poisoned. And with the reign of pluto and strength of taurus, this can never ends smoothly. Does it sound a bit of an horror movie? These weeks after full moon, during Waning Gibbous to Last Quarter and New Moon, Scorpio will fight for its life. (spoiler alert: it will kill itself right before new Moon). And meanwhile, we're still on this game: as final days, Taurus+Scorpio+Pluto will spray your mind with dark thoughts that come to challenge you...

A Powerful Week!

As it always happens, this week is a very energising one for me: this Taurus+Scorpio+Pluto cosmic synchronicity charges me with an incredible healing energy. And what better way to use it if not healing those who need? The connection can’t be better, my channels are opened and cleared. And I want to share it by healing you. From today May 14th, until May 24th, I’ll be making special sessions that can include Energetic balance of natural elements within you, and guided meditation while healing. Each session will take +- 1h30m, and will be done through skype. And because I want to reach more people, your donation, or investment on yourself, will be 30% less than usual...

Hello from Pluto!

This new moon brought action, and specially this week with Pluto coming into power. I love Pluto’s energy… it’s the planet of rebirth and change. But it is also the planet of darkness: It teaches how to embrace our darkness and past, so we can reborn. And that’s very good...

This beautiful storm…

New moon in Pisces There’s a wonderful storm since last night where I live, and it came to remind me that this is the time for cleaning and preparing the house. Not to take action, but to find silence. After all, it’s the New Moon in Pisces. And Taurus is right around the corner. A shift that you must by all means endure and prepare yourself, since it’s the beginning of a new cycle that will last for few years. If this new moon in Pisces might make you feel lost and erratically emotional, do not worry, it is just for a short period and you have a solution: erase your emotions and focus on the shift listening to your intuition: you’ll have the blessing of the Taurus very soon. Pisces are swimming towards fresh waters...

If the Universe gives you challenges…

If the universe gives you challenges, might be because it trusts that you can go through them and learn from them. And then, you grow and become stronger. But it’s not only win the challenge, it is also the learning process of going through it. When was the last time that you cleaned the back of your mirror so you can see through you with more in-depth? When was the last time that you cleaned the insides of your magic lamp? If you don't clean the in-depths, just the outside, you can't expect what comes out from there to be cleared.

How to Become an Influencer?

What is collective consciousness and how does it affect you on a daily basis? These last two days were quite busy days for me… those days in which most people wrote or called me quite stressed and confused. Sometimes happens, and you might think it is you only who feel anxiety or stress. It’s not, sometimes there’s a cosmic alignment that powerfully influence a large group of people, or a specific place. Sometimes we wake up and we feel silence all around. Some other times we wake up and seems to be all stressed around us. At home, in the streets, traffic, and work place those days that everything seems to go against nature. It influences politics and health and social behaviour. Those days that you think it is only you and you try to find excuses and sources for your own behaviour but there’s none you can find and that makes you feel more confused. Because it’s not yours. It is the collective energy, or the collective consciousness, that can be influenced by cosmic consciousness, as I explain further deep in my book “On Consciousness”.

Trust: the best healer.

If you want someone you love or even yourself to be healed, you only have to think once… straight forward, with conviction, direct and positive though, trusting and knowing that will reach either yourself or the person. If you keep thinking, you end up sending your own stress and anxiety, and not the healing thought. Like in telepathy, it’s not the amount of times you send the same thought; it’s the trust on the direct clear thought that will make it reach the destination...

Wake Up Kundalini!

Wake up Kundalini! And uncoil the serpents! If you have the Kundalini blocked, the serpent might be over coiled, blocking yourself. You might feel random pains, discomfort or sense of illness. The first step is always being aware of it, and open minded to uncoil it. When you awake the serpents, you will then reach a higher consciousness. This only can stop symptoms like headaches, body pain, intense emotions, limb weakness, fatigue, etc. That’s why also is so important to rethink our relation with nature, spending more time outside, feeling the frequency of the Earth so we can absorb it. Awake your Kundalini by awakening the serpent, freeing it to unblock all your chakras, going through the root to the crown. Now it's the best time to start! There's a full moon coming soon... a very powerful one that is opening the path to the most intense full moon of the year. It's time for you to dare yourself to experiment a rebirth, like phoenix, and get ready to fly with new wings and renewable power. Dare to free yourself!

Spinning and whirling our vortex

It is a magic exercise to find balance within you. To create a spreading vortex, that will make you get rid of unwanted winds creating dynamic inside your self and outside. To create energy and dynamic in both body and mind, worked out by your own higher consciousness. Being in trance is that: being connected on a higher level of consciousness.

Fight, face or embrace?

A healing tip, Or how to deal with anxiety, suffering and other uninvited guests. Do you see yourself fighting against a cloud in the sky? You will most probably get a tendinitis by punching the air... to get no results whatsoever. However, if you smile watching the cloud, you will see it changing its shape until it disappears. Embrace that moment.

The Moon, the Wolf, the Leo and the Eclipse

It seems that we’re starting the year with the Moon calling all the attention: “Hey cubs, I’m the super moon now! And I’ll have a bloody eclipse. Just look at me and tell me how gorgeous I am", says the Leo in her whilst the wolf howls. It is a very powerful Moon this one, so be aware of your own consciousness, and your deepest thoughts, as they can reach further giving you a strong feedback. A Leo's full Moon Eclipse is all about power, and how you can use it to elevate your own higher consciousness.

Welcome 2019!

welcome 2019!... it will be a powerful one, as it will be a year of a major shift. You don’t want to know what is coming, so just be grateful for your own achievements so far. Be stronger, united and ready to face the new challenges. Or just be better than you were yesterday... healthier, kinder and wiser, at least. It’s all a matter of respect to yourself, to others and to nature itself. Our own nature...

Time and space shifting: seeing the future in the past?

Shamans are known for sometimes, either with or without using magic herbs, to be animal or soul shifters, to bring or deliver messages. Nothing new in this… If we can call or be receptive to see spirits and shift into animals or souls, if we can be receptive to shift into space and time, can we change the course? Wouldn’t it be manipulating? Would it be even ethical? And if all that happened, or happens, for a reason? Like a natural accident, we might not be able to do anything but warn about it...

Time that Mighty Sculpture

Marguerite Yourcenar, a magnificent author, titled one of her masterpieces “Time that mighty sculptor”, an excellent reading, as most of her books. A title that always intrigued me, as I read it when I was teenager, and it’s probably the book’s title that popped up the most in my daylight divagations this year. Is it the most poetic form of the popular saying “Time heals all wounds”? If time can heal all wounds, why not use your own wounds to heal time? ...

Being a World (xmas) Tree

Did you know that the origin of your Santa, and the xmas tree being a pine tree with the star on top, comes from shamanic culture? As you know, the shamanic cosmology consists of three worlds: the Lower, Middle and Upper Worlds. Connecting the three worlds is a cosmic axis, which is also commonly known as the World Tree. The World Tree served as a bridge or portal that allowed a shaman and spirits to move between the three worlds. It was the gateway as well as the highway. The natural totem.

Today is a day of rebirth!

Apart from the obvious New Moon, which is always a good time to recycle, reborn, or to recreate yourself… it is also the last day of Mercury in retrograde. As I wrote in the previous post, Mercury, the messenger has been in retrograde, making us communicate with our inner self, instead of communicating with others. This led us to ...

Ancestors within a dream

With the present alignment of the planets, this has been indeed a wonderful time to connect with our ancestors so they can guide us, asking them for help or just to show gratitude. And with the powerful blessing of this moon! Connecting with our ancestors is always a wonderful way to keep us balanced as they are wiser beings and can teach us and lead us in our paths, protecting and guiding us through our lives. Listening to them, helping them achieving what they couldn’t in life as well. When you’re uncertain, whenever you feel the need of guidance, you can always count on them. Just Trust.

Be the Priestess

Be aware this week, as it might trigger you some emotional setbacks, or challenges. Also because Mercury is still in retrograde so you’re being having inner conversations (mostly confrontations), not being able to communicate so well with the outside. Irritated throat? Blame Mercury. Bad mood? Blame Mercury. Get over it! The good thing is that the Priestess is here this week to watch over you...

Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

No matter the reason, there is often times when our soul, - that I call consciousness -, might go through a dissociation from the self. And it is often a painful time for us. This might lead to depression, addiction, losing your path, destructive or erratic behaviour, self-harm or “just” apathy. But if soul loss comes just to protect you? Maybe it comes because you’re distancing yourself from your own path. Now it's the time to get it back!

It’s Phoenix time in our own underworld!

Mercury is an old wise messenger that allows us to communicate with the universe. Now we’ll have Mercury in retrograde though… which means that we’ll have to dig deeper in us to find what we truly want, our actual path, clearing distractions and prepare ourselves for when the Mercury comes back in place. Mercury in retrograde connects us with our own underworld, under the influence of Scorpio, with the energy of the crescent moon and full moon that is coming now.

Calm down: the storm is coming!

Taurus full moon is on its way: time to calm down, get balanced and prepare for the storm. Taurus full moon is always a strong one, and as soon as it goes into crescent, it starts showing off its power. It kicked me, and as I was distracted, it caught me by surprise.
When you’re caught in a storm, you get confused, unbalanced and you might end up ...

How to Drop the Old Leaves?

Easy: heal them first. Turn them into gold. Now you can drop them.

We’re at the autumn equinox (September 22nd), the sun goes into Libra… and this can be a major shift in your life if you know how to use it to balance and clear yourself.
Just look into nature. For you, Autumn is maybe...

Sound ON… for Silence!

Our own thoughts can be our most powerful and intimate tool to communicate with cosmic consciousness through our own consciousness, but they too are frequency and vibration: they are emitted through sound frequency. In fact, they are sound waves. Even if for you they seem to be silent.
Think about the Tibetan OM, or the AUM. When you recite it as OOOOOMMMMMM, you feel the vibration of it, it is a sound that comes from under your navel, and will spread frequency all over your body. It is the sound of silence. Of unification of elements. Of balance.
The words have no meaning, it is the intention you put on them, it is the sound vibration that creates and awakes a more connected frequency between you and ...

Retrieve your Soul!

Let's talk about Soul Retrieval, or how to bring your lost self back to you.

The lost, or the split off of one’s soul, happens more often than you’re aware.

This split off of a soul can happen for many reasons, and some of the times when we are somehow defenceless, like when we’re children or teenagers… when we experience loss and too much time in grief; near death experience; when we go through traumatic experiences, including abuse either emotional, psychological or physical; a sudden accident, etc.

The causes can’t be more diverse…
You might even have experienced memory loss when you try to remember a traumatic event. That is our consciousness filtering the moment so you don’t suffer more with that memory.

But now it might be time to do what we shamans call Soul Retrieval: to bring your lost soul back to yourself... so you can be one and whole again.

In Breath We Trust

Please take a deep breath before reading this...

I often hear people saying: “I’ll meditate on that”, when they actually mean that they will sit down, take a break and focus on that specific thought to be developed. That, my dear, is called thinking. But with our lives being lived in such a stressful and fast way, we now rarely take a break to think. So we say “I’ll meditate”.
Meditation is the opposite: it is a mindfulness moment. Meditation is breathing. And breathing has been forgotten, as if it was not that important to be alive… but if you didn’t notice: breathing is life.

So please, before you go on, just close your eyes and take a deep breath...

You’re Cursed!

You're Cursed!

A friend recently asked me if it was possible that someone who wanted her mean cursed her. This is a concern that happens quite often, even though most people don’t want to think about it, as they don’t want to believe in that possibility.

Is it possible to curse someone?
How does that work?
How can you get rid of a curse?

The principles are quite easy; in practice however, I understand that only depends on the person’s will power and knowledge of themselves. And on this, you should apply the same as to your fears: facing them.

It is possible that you’ve been cursed, and it is even possible that the person who cursed you is not even aware of that. It is also possible that you cursed someone else either conscious or not.
So how can we turn over the tables?

The Sigil’s Wisdom

The word Sigil derives from Latin (Sigillum) and means Seal (like the medieval royal seals), and it has been used mostly to describe a symbol of power, or a pictorial signature of a magician, pagan priest, shaman, ...

The Blood Moon Eclipse

This moon eclipse in aquarius might put a dirty finger where it hurts: right there on your deepest wound. So be prepared, be aware of that, hold your breath. If that happens, it is because you need it. Sometimes we need to be reminded, and since we often ignore, the moon is here to remind us, knowing that sometimes pain is all about...

The Dolmens

Some ancient places might be sacred spaces in which shamanic souls can translate between our physical Earth and the Universe.

What follows is the reaction of shamanic healer, visual artist and author Gonzalo Bénard, to the ancient megalithic site of Dolmen da Orca in central Portugal. 

Classified as a 5,000-year-old tomb by mainstream archaeology, and as a 6,000-year-old telescope by the burgeoning field of archaeoastronomy, this response to the Dolmen da Orca is an astute reminder that ancient sites should not be measured by archaeological-scientific classification and stratification alone.

The Darkness that you fear? Is within you

When the darkness that you fear becomes the fear itself. Institutionalised religions are not that old, but they brought already enough damage to most cultures with their culture of “born sinner” and fear, guilt and evil… In fact, they promise the light only by making you fear the darkness. The Sun is then placed over... Continue Reading →

The Solar Eclipse, its doings and your ceremonies

Tonight we’ll have a solar eclipse, and as always, a solar eclipse is a time for change, or better: if a new moon is a time for change, the solar eclipse is The time for change. It doesn’t matter if you’re down there and can see it, or up here and you’ll not be able to do so. Visible or invisible, it will affect us all on this planet. It’s all about energy and frequency, remember? And this one will affect us deeply, if you’re paying attention… But first of all: be careful with what you wish for...

How Dare You??

With all these planets in retrograde this month, I can only give you a small piece of advise: make peace with yourself and you'll become stronger. Even though you're always on time to do it, this is the best time: and you will excel in being your full complete self. 

Breathing the Waves

Yesterday I breathed waves.
On this place where I did the shamanic performance "Life, death and Birth".
(in fact, you can use this video to do the breathing waves exercise).

I sat down right here on this spot of the photograph. 
There was no other sound that the silence of the ocean waves...

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