On Consciousness – the book

The book "On Consciousness - journeys, rituals and meditations" might bring you a disquiet shift, approaching the old Tibetan tradition of Bon Shamanism and Shamanism in several other cultures. How you can heal yourself and others through energy, vibration and sound, and how you can connect not only to a higher consciousness, but to collective and cosmic consciousness. A must read book if you want a serious shift of consciousness yourself. 

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Gemini’s Full Moon Eclipse

It's a starter! Pluto is leaving. It started ruling Earth in February, bringing some chaos in search of the essential truth. The whole pandemic and life changes were brought by Pluto so we can rethink on our relation with Earth. This and the amount of planets we had in retrograde. And this comes as a... Continue Reading →

Projection & Emotional Distance

Probably the pandemic and lockdowns made it more common, or deeper, as most people were not used to face themselves since they’re often too busy. Also, they’re not used to be in lockdown living with their partners/family 24h over 24h. Anxiety took over the stress. And anxiety blocks the flow of energy.Then people don’t have... Continue Reading →

The transition of power

It has been quite curious to see the US elections and all its synchronicity with this cosmic carousel:First, the transition from earth element to air. Earth element has been ruling earth since few years ago, and it’s connected with power, greed, corruption, fossil fuels, etc. and this full moon in Taurus, the earth sign by... Continue Reading →

When the Veil Opens…

On the days close to this full moon of October 31st, which is a blue moon (second full moon within a month), the veil between the living and spirit’s world will be thinner, which is why old cultures like Aztecs celebrate the day of dead, or the Gaelic Samhain. In our times people celebrate Halloween... Continue Reading →

Taurus, Scorpio and Pluto

Ground yourself.Focus on your inner growth, also because Mercury is still in retrograde (until Nov. 3rd).Uranus will be useful for this full moon as well, as it helps your own awakening since its energy will be very active and powerful. It’s time to rebirth, like a phoenix, but for that, you do need to let... Continue Reading →

Wounded Consciousness

We all have a body of energy that we should keep healthy, as it affects our physical body and our own mind. To make it visual, I use to compare - as an example - with phantom limbs. People who had a leg amputated will still feel pain or itch even though there’s no more leg there. This happens because the body of energy remains there, with memory of the past. Wounded. So they feel it. Unless… the body of consciousness is healed. In my shamanic healing sessions...

A Shift

As I use to say: chaos invites us to dance better. Accept, embrace, and learn how to dance over chaos.

A Rebirth being Water

we're going through major changes with earth element leaving giving place to air element to take over. Meanwhile during any change, you may feel unsettled, as earth may have made you feel grounded. I've just recorded a new guided meditation so you can connect with water, to listen to whilst having a bath in your tub. Water teaches us how to flow, to let go, while giving us a sense of safety and...

Xamanismo em Português:

Para quê marcar uma Sessão Xamânica? Em que influencia o xamanismo? O que é? Como é? O que faz o Xamã? O Xamanismo é a filosofia mais antiga no mundo, e apareceu nos ...

2020 – The Big Shift

More important than ever, don’t get dragged by fear. Trust, instead. This is the best approach for what is happening, preparing us for what is about to happen. Pluto is in conjunction with Jupiter, and is its energy for most of the year. Do not underestimate Pluto, as it is very powerful planet. And with Jupiter magnifying, this year is even more powerful and energetic. It may bring...

Fear the Roots

If you already did a guided meditation with me, or even the recorded general short meditations on YouTube, you’ve probably noticed that I bring breath work and work on the roots every time. The roots chakra can often be blocked by fear. Or fear can block the roots. To open them we work on the opposite of fear: trust. Trust is then the medicine to unblock our root chakra, and you can do it with the power of...

Rewiring an Autistic Brain?

Our brain works with energetic impulses, from one side to another, and we autistic people have it wired in a different way. I’ve been doing shamanic work that has been quite effective on this. Not turning an autistic mind into a NT one, but sending it information through consciousness that can trigger less anxiety, more social skills, better communication. Just by connecting through consciousness/energy in a deep empathic way, so the autistic person (either child or older) can have it easier to cope and respond...

CoronaV & Mental Health

As I mentioned in the recent post “Boost Immunity”, these are complex times… but I don’t want to talk about the physical health implications of CoronaVirus, and how we have the duty of avoiding crowds to not spread even more, as we can be agents not even knowing. I’m writing now about the implications on our mental health. These news of pandemic, and specially the isolation, can trigger you into loneliness, anxiety, panic… and consequently your own unbalance of energy. So what can you do to stay calm and have your mind healthy and in silence?

Boosting Immunity

Hello!, At this time, it might be good to address what can improve our immunity and boost our mood: Diet, Physical and Mental Health. We live in times in which anxiety and stress leads us to...

Mercury Retrograde

Quite often I see a reaction from people towards mercury retrograde: “oh no! Not again!” as if it would bring terrible moments. Mercury is the messenger of the gods. A communicator. And people rely on social skills to get things done. With those skills that have been learnt through age, we often forgot to communicate with our own selves, so when it’s time for introspection we often slide and panic. Mercury retrograde is exactly that: it brings time for introspection, to build a healthy relation with our own self. A time to communicate within. To explore your self. To pause. To work on the silence within. And this will raise your self knowledge, so you can experience growth and healing. However, since we often panic because we’re much more into social connection, we go through the whole Mercury Retrograde a bit lost...

A Full Moon in Leo

A Full Moon in Leo... in these past couple of weeks you might have felt a bit disconnected from... the world, yourself, and even from your own targets and journey. Now it's over. That happened for you to reconsider your own path and your own truth. Now the full moon in Leo is here. The sun and fire are brought to you by Leo, taking over the moon...

Dealing with Traumas

If the trauma is conscious, you can instruct the mind that you’re over it, by going deep into the source and heal it. If it’s subconscious, (when you have no idea that you have it) you can be guided into a deep meditation and let it come out to be healed. 

Wolf Full Moon

It's Wolf Full Moon, and even better, with an Eclipse. This full moon/eclipse comes to close a cosmic portal that was opened with the solar eclipse on the last New Moon on Xmas day. It was a portal for you to make peace with your past, and prepare yourself for a rebirth, for what comes next..

Beware: Saturn and Pluto

After this cosmic portal that opened last new moon with the solar eclipse and will close on January 10th with the full moon and lunar eclipse comes a very challenging day that might have repercussions until November: the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto on January 12th. The two darkest forces in our galaxy...

New Year!

These days with a cosmic portal opened, until the Full Moon and Moon Eclipse on the 10th of January, are perfect for...

Solar & Lunar Eclipse, a Portal wide opened

This December 26th of 2019 brings us the opening of a portal into cosmic consciousness with the solar eclipse. And even though it will be only seen in some parts of Asia, we will feel it through our consciousness. On January 10th of 2020, the lunar eclipse comes. This is a powerful moment for us to work on our inner balance, on our own connection with Earth and Heavens. On our own elements of Water, Air, Earth and Fire. A Solar Eclipse is a portal that opens to cosmic consciousness, and if we do a good work on ourselves, it’s there wide opened for us to connect with our own higher consciousness...

Moving Forward…

Set new goals and take the lead. That’s the plan for this season, with  Capricorn taking over. Capricorn, represented by the sea goat. A mountain goat with a mermaid tail… it’s time then for you to decide your near future: Sea or Mountain? Diving into the darkness of the oceans... or climbing up to the light?  Set the new goals in your life, and allow Capricorn to take the lead. In Shamanism, the goat spirit animal wants us to focus on your...

Kindness… and yourself

Gemini can be gentle, but it also represents duality. This is the perfect time to find alliance in your best friend: yourself. You’ll find dualities in your own self, you’ll find sometimes facing your own mirror. And that’s great! Time to take care of yourself, as your own best friend and ally. Time to find what happened this year when you decided to go against yourself. Time to listen to your body, your mind, your consciousness. And make peace with yourself. Forgiving yourself for the time and energy wasted when you fought against yourself. Time to be grateful for who you are and for what you achieved so far. Time to embrace your own self. To raise your self esteem, which is the foundation of your own self. The whole self.

A Distance Healing? Sure!

If you’ve heard about Reiki practices, you’ve heard of distance healings. It’s how energy flows, from one’s consciousness field to another’s. Today with internet, and specially with video calls, I found it even more effective, sometimes quite intense, the healings through Skype. This way it helps the healing session, as we can have more control and empathy, connection with the person who is in need of healing. And when the person is not there...

and the Centaur arrived!

A very curious sign, with this hybrid half man half horse, bringing the masculinity, and yet representing kindness. Showing that kindness is not a weakness, but a strength, physically and energetically. That’s what we should learn with centaurs in this season:


Today is International Men’s day, and by the statistics, maybe it’s time to address the fact that men are men’s worst enemy...

Becoming One with your Own Self

When you find silence within yourself, you will find balance, allowing yourself to connect with your own higher consciousness. Finding silence and expanding your own consciousness, you will find others' consciousness, and you’ll connect within a collective consciousness. Finding this connection with nature and humankind, you’ll become one, wiser, steadier and more balanced. Being one with nature, being one with humanity. Being one with Earth and becoming one with the universe. Being one with your past learning from it, and becoming one with your future self allowing yourself to listen and become wiser. Letting go, accepting, forgiving, being grateful, embracing the whole. Expanding yourself, expanding your silence and higher consciousness, you become one with trust, and you become one with silence of mind. You will be in control, by letting go, by finding silence, by being connected. Becoming Oneness you will find that there is no self, as you become part of the whole cosmic consciousness.

Too much darkness? Light your Fire!

Too much darkness? Light your Fire! It's that time of the year when we have Scorpio in its power, under the full moon in Taurus, reigned by Pluto... and Mercury in retrograde making it harder the communication with others. So what's better than embracing the moment and go deeper in your own darkness, feeding your own fire to bring light into your inner self? You're right, I've just recorded one more guided meditation to help you in this journey. Please listen to it with headphones.

The Ocean in a Conch Shell

Only when you find the silence within you'll be able to find the power of the ocean, to wash and clear, to expand and energise, to dance naked under the moons, giving and preserving life, safe and protected. To help you find your own inner silence, so you can find the power of the ocean to keep you safe while expanding from the core of your inner higher consciousness, I've just recorded a new short guided meditation, so you can listen to with headphones...

It’s Landing Day!

After some more tumultuous couple of weeks, with the ram Aries doing his jump from one mountain to another, creating some unbalance and making us face some fears, we're finally landing with the full moon in Aries. And now that we managed to find firm ground again, it's time to cut the strings with fear, and with the past that has been weighing on our shoulders: let them go. We're here. We landed. That's all that matters. Forget those fears now, learn from the past and let it go. We're no longer jumping, we just landed. You might have been feeling a bit unbalanced and out of focus with fears, but you can take a deep breath now. It's over. Aries is stubborn, and made it. Being stubborn can be good if we're focused on the right direction for a better landing.

Calling the Spirit Animals

Here you have one more recorded meditation, this time in open field calling the spirit animals through the 4 winds and bringing the water to a dry field... playing with the four elements of nature, for your rebirth and healing.

Anger Management

Anger, as well as all those emotions like jealousy, anxiety, anguish, etc can be controlled, or even better: recycled for something good...

Mind over Matter

Mind is the product of both Consciousness and physical Brain. When you’re born, Consciousness will come to you, and combined with the hardware, your brain, your operative system will restart. Your own higher Consciousness is brought to you by Cosmic Consciousness, and it brings you awareness, awakening your anamnesis, and while you grow older it will also be shaped by collective Consciousness.

Earth without Moon? Forget life.

The Moon has always fascinated cultures since life exists on Earth. This satellite that inspired myths and mythologies from ancient cultures to now. But if there was no Moon? And if the Moon one day just disappears? Most people might not be that aware of the Moon’s importance in life on Earth. In fact, too many people might underestimate its relevance in our own life.

Friday 13th Full Moon

Sometimes the universe can be tricky. We’ll have now a full moon in Piscis (Friday, 13th!) which, since a couple weeks ago, has been putting some people more sensitive to the moon in an unusual emotional stress. As they feel somehow stuck in their lives, they get emotional lost. Blame the moon in Piscis, or blame Piscis. The good news, is that it will pass very soon…

A Meditation on Healing and Expanding

Here you have the forth Guided Meditation that I've just recorded. This guided meditation bring you (us) to the sea, connecting us to the water element, whilst working on your inner fire, keeping yourself healed and working on expanding the healing energy, into a bubble of energy that will allow yourself to be protected...

Release the weight of your past… and fly

Here is the third guided meditation, this time taking you with me to the mountains in the East, connecting with the condor to help you release the weight of your past... so you can fly. Here you can practice breathwork, the power of visualisation and releasing, becoming more connected with your inner consciousness to help you heal yourself.

Silence in the Desert

or the power of visualisation to grow silence within us... These general guided meditations are better if you're wearing headphones. Here we're working on few different things that should be connected: - our inner silence that will avoid emotions and thoughts to float around; - the power of visualisation, so we can bring any of the nature's elements to us; - breath-work to bring us into a light trance.

Guided Meditation into the Forest

As most of my clients chose the 3 sessions pack, which goes through 3 weeks, they have asked if I could record a guided meditation for them to listen to between sessions. Between sessions I work on their energy in my daily rituals, but it is indeed better if you can have a recorded guided meditation, that allows you connect easier with my voice.

What do you expect?

What do you expect from a Shaman? Shamanism can be found in most cultures, from east to west, north to south since thousands of years ago. Most probably shamanism is the oldest form of spirituality, people with open channels to the universe, connected to our own higher consciousness so much that we could end up... Continue Reading →

It’s complicated and yet so simple

It’s a complicated week... Since the full moon, we’re going through a complicated relationship with ourselves that can simply go out of our hands if we do not embrace ourselves. Mercury in retrograde in fact is making things better not allowing too much action… otherwise, it would have been an explosive week. Venus is opposite... Continue Reading →

Sun Eclipse: Create your memories Now

“Shake up your lazy ass”, it’s what this new moon in Cancer is telling us by giving us a solar eclipse. Centre and balance your emotional being into your close collective consciousness: you, family and friends. It’s time of change, to align yourself, to focus on your path. Whilst the new moon tells you to leave the past behind and learn from it, the eclipse comes to give you focus on the future ahead of you...

Is Sirius the birthplace of consciousness?

Is Sirius the birthplace of consciousness? What is consciousness? I always break consciousness in 3 major categories: Higher Consciousness;Collective consciousness;Cosmic consciousness. In the womb we develop the brain (physical hard drive), and when we’re born, we get a higher consciousness attached that comes with loads of information and memories, turning it in our own higher... Continue Reading →

Sirius is coming!

Welcome Sirius, the alpha star, the alpha wolf, the main star of the Canis Major constellation, the heaven’s wolf. From Canis comes canicule, the hot days. It is also said that Sirius if the Sun’s Sun. Sirius comes to tell us: "hey buddy, calm down, it’s time for you to learn from your past so you can move on." This asks you to be kind with yourself, to take care, so you can face your fears, facing yourself and your own challenges, to be able to learn, so you can move on...

The Shaman’s Messenger

The bird is the Shamanic messenger that brings you the right answers at the right time. Each one of us has a special one to which we can ask for an answer...

A Rebirth in Gemini

A new Moon is always about rebirth, and each one can wake up different chakras. This new moon in Gemini will make you clear your throat. The throat chakra is all about Truth, Communication, and Self-expression. This new moon in Gemini will ask you to take action, to connect with your deeper self, your higher consciousness, bringing your most honest you so you can express yourself. It gives you opportunity to raise your truth, to express it better in a healthier relation with yourself and others.

Earth and Mind’s Frequency

By being aligned with nature, you become one on the same frequency, your body will feel healthier, your mind will be cleared, your consciousness will get balanced and connected. As we’re part of nature, we can only find balance when we’re well aligned with it.

The last days in power…

Did you really thought you could rest after these tumultuous weeks with Scorpio+Pluto actively bringing some darkness to challenge you, with the strength of Taurus? You must be cheating yourself then. Scorpio never surrenders that easily. In fact, after the full moon, these are the last days of Scorpio Moon in power, and you know how it all ends. Scorpio is known to kill himself before being killed by others. It is also known that Scorpio has it poisoned. And with the reign of pluto and strength of taurus, this can never ends smoothly. Does it sound a bit of an horror movie? These weeks after full moon, during Waning Gibbous to Last Quarter and New Moon, Scorpio will fight for its life. (spoiler alert: it will kill itself right before new Moon). And meanwhile, we're still on this game: as final days, Taurus+Scorpio+Pluto will spray your mind with dark thoughts that come to challenge you...

A Powerful Week!

As it always happens, this week is a very energising one for me: this Taurus+Scorpio+Pluto cosmic synchronicity charges me with an incredible healing energy. And what better way to use it if not healing those who need? The connection can’t be better, my channels are opened and cleared. And I want to share it by healing you. From today May 14th, until May 24th, I’ll be making special sessions that can include Energetic balance of natural elements within you, and guided meditation while healing. Each session will take +- 1h30m, and will be done through skype. And because I want to reach more people, your donation, or investment on yourself, will be 30% less than usual...

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